niemiecki angielski polski

Old Original

Time enchanted in stone

Old Original Company is a pioneer in sales of the old, original objects made of stone in Wielkopolska. For many years, with a passion for old architecture we have been gathering the elements of the former building styles of Wielkopolska, Silesia and Pomerania:

Mill wheels, stone stairs, thresholds and portals, wells and troughs of stone, columns, pillars and floors, window sills and lintels ... They all tend to be forgotten, but the Old Original have the opportunity to re-discover their true value. In the sheer volume of mass produced similar benches, fireplaces, grills and pots, we surround ourselves with soulless objects, which do not give satisfaction.
This is just enough to come to us and return to the past for a moment, walking on the stone steps used by generations before. Put your hand on the traces on the chisel made 200-300 years ago and read again the old blurred inscriptions and signs...

Our goal is to satisfy the aspirations of those of you who can appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of the magnificent pieces, adding them design your homes, gardens and offices.

We warmly invite not only individual buyers but also interior designers and design studios.

Let’s bring around the "old originals" their rightful place in our homes and gardens.